«I was in my midlife-crisis. The trip with Getawayboys made it all fall into place. » Runar (42)

«I was bored. My life bored the hell out of me. I wanted to try something new, and Getawayboys delivered! I am going back! » Hans Are (34)

«A friend told me about Getawayboys. He felt I needed a «kickstart» after the divorce. Now I am free!” Odd (51)

«Finally, the girls can have time and a chance to drink wine with their girlfriends till 05.00 in the morning, eat the ice-cream straight from the box, and lay across the bed! Getawayboys is a gift for us girls!” Berit (43)

«Thought I had seen the lot – but this was almost like being INSIDE one of my computer games». Gamer (26)

«Very exciting and fun. Here at Getawayboys You can be Yourself». Yousuf (39)

«Go Getawayboys! Finally, a place You can relax and be happy! This is like the girls/ladies do already. Most men get difficulties breathing inside with a lot of women: BOORING! Of Course, You should go! Get lost already! Then we will love You even more...afterwards» Anja (46)

«First class teambuilding. I have been to a lot of trips, but this felt real, which made the team feeling grow as the activities played out. » CEO (57)