Getawayboys is an offer to those of You who need to get away from Your everyday life for a moment. To be a man – among men. The activities are masculine, the parties are a bit «wild», and You can feel freedom as a tingle in Your soul.

You will meet a world which is a bit like what the Vikings thought «Valhall» was all about: It was war during the day, but all that got killed during the fights were woken up again in the evening, so everyone could gather at the big party. We cannot promise You the wildest scenes from any viking movie. But the modern «Vikings» will be able to live their life in four colours for some days.
The city is Banja Luka, but the happy games are in the mountains, where «the princess» is captured by the bandits in an area where no one lives anymore. Here will also happen grilling of whole lambs and small pigs, and lots og drinks with various strength. The local «drink of strength» will be absolutely unavoidable. Are You coming?