Many wants it. Even more dream about it. And someone is just frustrated. And if You think really hard, You may find reasons that You should not go. So, what You need to do, is to stand up for Yourself, and DECIDE. Set a date, tell Your surroundings that You will go, and DO IT.

It may of course happen that You will do things You regret – maybe You even find a small «Rambo» in Yourself – what do we know. But we are sure about one thing: It is a lot better to regret things You HAVE done, than to regret the things You never came around to doing.

So, what do You need to do to make it happen? Nothing – after You have ordered and paid the trip, all You need to do, is to get Yourself on board the plane. When our people meet You in Zagreb, the adventure has started. The play about the Serbian princess has started. Your task is this: Relax and have fun! No extra costs. We have provided what You need there and then.