Imagine that You just did it. Stood up from Your sofa, brought Your most cosy pants and Your toothbrush and got away for a week or so. Just because You wanted it. And because someone had created a suitable possibility.
Getawayboys is created by men – for men. We open the possibility for You to fill Your days only with «Men’s stuff» for once. Boys will be boys. So, let us be just that – for some days.
The trip will go to Banja Luka in Republika Srbska via Zagreb. Everything You will need for the trip is exactly: Your passport, a cosy set of pants and Your toothbrush. The rest is ready for You: The flight, hotel room, food, enough of good drinks, and party, party, party.
So – what will happen? We will go into a dream world which is a mixture of a computer game and a reality show on TV. But no computers or TV will be involved. Because this is all about YOU, and Your possibility to really LIVE for some days.

Will it be party? Yep, every evening! Will there be «men`s games»? Yep, everything from «arrested by KGB» to the fight to release a «Serbian princess» from «terrorists». And in between there will be missions, ax throwing championship, competitions for the teams to defeat the opposition and more.

This is the long-wanted possibility for You to GET AWAY – whether You knew You needed it or not.