All trips with Getawayboys are cancelled

Due to the problems caused by the Corona-pandemia we have been forced to cancel all our trips with Getawayboys this spring. Therefore it will be impossible to travel with us until autumn.
We are really sorry for the inconvenience for all of you who had been looking forward to some relaxing and eventful trips full of exiting experiences. We too have been looking forward to this, but like the rest of Europe we are powerless against the pandemia which has hit Europe and the rest of the world.
Besides: In addition to the fact that it would have been practically difficult to arrange the trips now, this cancellation is also happening because of the solidarity we feel and the common effort we all should participate in these days: To stay at home, and hope it will limit the disease in some way. We have never seen anything like this illness in our time, and hopefully – we will never see it again.
Let us focus on getting through this, and start to plan even more exciting trips with Getawayboys in the autumn.
And just to be clear: All of you who have paid – partly or in full – your tickets, will get your money back.
We will get in touch with all of you, and hopefully: We`ll meet for even tougher games and parties in the autumn!
PH: +47 913 67 667
PRESS: Borislav Jensen +387 669 52 511