Company trip will bring the boys   together!

People have asked us in Getawayboys if we could arrange an «old school» company trip. Of course, we can!

Just contact us, and we’ll arrange a special trip for You, adjusted for the branch You are working in, the size of the company and how much of the trip should be reserved for focusing on company specified tasks. Choose between Sunday-Thursday, Tuesday-Sunday or Thursday-Tuesday.
Normally we receive our fellow Getawayboys in spring (April/May) or autumn (August/September), because a lot of our plays happen outdoors. But for companies it may be more suitable another time of the year. We for sure can make that happen also. If it comes out that it will be a bit too cold outside, or the weather is not what we meant it to be, we will go indoors. It will for sure not give less party feeling, less company focus or less fun and games.

TIP: We have solutions for surroundings for the company related meetings/educations You might not find anywhere else. We are different and create different surroundings for learning environment and update of knowledge also needed to accomplish on the trip. Here are no boring classrooms or meeting rooms: Chances are that You will go home with a lot more competence than from any other trips.
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