Unforgettable development

For those of You out there looking for a concept for company GETAWAY that will give You space and time to develop Your boards way of working, get the management of the companies closer together or for that matter celebrate a good year with the whole company. Getawayboys is a concept to choose.

Because on our trips it is natural to build teams, at the same time as the creativity will unfold itself some days until the everyday life starts again. With charged batteries and may be a brand-new strategy for market activity in the future – You will get back to work full of energy.

The experiences – and therefore the knowledge acquired – with Getawayboys will stay with You for a long time. And that´s why it may just be the perfect investment for the company`s future. Inspiration and development inside the framework of play, party and challenges is a stimulating mixture which might remove any and all negativity from Your team.

Here You will be private, even though You are in the centre of the events, and You can unfold in a safe manner. The tasks will be many, the adventures also, and there will be no good results, if You are unable to work together to accomplish Your goal: To save the Princess from the bandits!

Every evening You will gather for fun and even more games on Pink Panther, the base for these wonderful experiences, and who knows, may be the owner himself might appear to make sure that everyone has what they need, and that people are happy?

Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will create Your very own «Getaway» concept!
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